Book an integrative healing treatment

Sessions are offered at O-Yoga or at your home if you choose to book a home treatment. Please note home treatments are only available within the Berlin ring area. When booking a home treatment a €50 additional fee is added.

Initial Session: The first session is 1 1/2 to 2 hours long, and includes, besides the treatment – a thorough ‘first anamnesis’ according to TCM principles.

Following Sessions: Treatments are generally 1 hour long.

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What can Chinese acupuncture do for me?

Besides being an elegant, most efficient system for treating all kinds of physical illnesses and conditions – pain, stress, gynecological problems, allergies, autoimmune conditions, depression, anxiety, and the list goes on – Chinese acupuncture can help remove deeper and more subtle mental and energetic blockages – blockages that often interfere with our natural capacity to heal and self regulate. It is precisely such blockages that Western medicine often fails to address, and it is precisely such blockages that bring clients to seek help through Chinese acupuncture. And it really does work on all levels – not only can it help alleviate a headache, improve digestion, or provide relief in cases of emotional distress: in my experience – the right needle at the right moment, inserted with the right intention, can facilitate the deepest spiritual transformation.

Acupuncture utilizes the natural flow of Qi in the meridians and the Organs. The interrelations of different systems and functions in the body-mind-spirit complex are taken into consideration, and their manifestations in the client’s life and experience – carefully observed. A course of treatment can then begin. When I insert the needles, I am reminding the body to engage in the natural process of self-balancing and self-healing. Different needle combinations create particular impulses that encourage the formation of new and improved patterns of functioning, and restore energy flow.

Chinese acupuncture is a holistic practice, a body of knowledge collected and tested by healers and masters over millennia. Being a wisdom tradition, Chinese medicine can be perceived as originating in the One, the Dao – in perfect balance of Being and Non-Being, of Heaven, Human and Earth. Not only does this practice encourage balance, though, in the personal sense of the word – it actually encourages us to reach out to the Heavens, it encourages us to excel. Excellence lies at the core of human nature. The possibility to manifest our highest Destiny, to manifest our deepest potential – in balance with the world around us and with the needs and requirements of the times – in a flow of unlimited, spontaneous expression of our unique inner virtue: that is the definition of Health. Such Health is your Birthright, for you to enjoy. Such Health of body, mind and spirit – well integrated, joyful, balanced – is what we have in mind for you at Golden Healing.

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