Treatments are offered at the beautiful and cozy O-Yoga Praxiszentrum in Berlin, Schöneberg, a walking distance from Winterfeldtplatz.


Gleditschstraße 37, 10781 Berlin

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My philosophy of Healing

In a treatment, I use the tools and modalities I find appropriate to use – the current situation of the client and the experience they would like to have determine the course of treatment.

The art of Chinese Acupuncture I studied and practice, as I find it to be a very useful system that can effectively help with a variety of ailments and complaints: pain, stress, headaches, gynecological problems, allergies, autoimmune conditions, depression, burn-out – to name a few.

Having practiced and taught Kundalini Yoga for many years, I have come to realize the importance of practice, of a Sadhana – a personal daily discipline. It has changed my own life – physically, mentally as well as spiritually – and I’ve witnessed it change the lives of others.

A good healer resolves resistances in the client’s system* – removes limitations, dissolves blockages, produces a healing impulse, and facilitates or reveals an ‘inner space’ for the healing process to manifest. Healing can then unfold.

Following treatment, substantial changes can certainly occur and they often do – the best results are achieved, however, when the client takes an active part. This, I find, is a decisive moment in the healing process – and this is where Yoga Therapy comes in.

Attuned with your lifestyle, physical condition, experience, free time and readiness – I will help you establish a daily practice consisting of specifically and carefully selected exercises and meditations, to help sustain the effects of the treatment and to ease and promote the process of healing and transformation. Even a few minutes a day make a huge difference!

Regardless of which tools and modalities we choose to apply in the treatment, permeating the healing experience, is Sat Nam Rasayan. Sat Nam Rasayan is an ancient meditative art, and my main tool and specialization. It is a non-invasive technique where I meditate and the client relaxes. Through this process blockages are dissolved in the client’s system, supporting the body’s self-healing and regenerative powers.

Sat Nam Rasayan can be very beneficial for pain, stress, emotional and mental disorders, for chronic as well as severe illnesses. It allows the client to experience inner balance, mental clarity and a sense of presence, and to arrive at a deeper understanding of Self.

It is a wonderful tool on the path of personal growth and transformation.

I invite you to have an experience – And let the healing begin!

* Bodily experience, energy flow, state of consciousness, resonance with their environment etc.

Acupuncture Treatments

il'il Sat Prem offers traditional Chinese acupuncture treatments in English.

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il'il is a trained Heilpraktikerin and works with traditional Chinese medicine and holistic principles to bring the body back into balance.

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Kundalini Yoga

Practiced in a group, in a private session or as part of a personalized healing process, Kundalini Yoga is a powerful tool.

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Whether you're a seasoned yogi or never tried Kundalini yoga before, we offer different possibilities to experience this technology.

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Sat Nam Rasayan Sessions

Explore this ancient art of healing by taking a class or booking a private healing session.

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Sat Nam Rasayan is an ancient healing art of meditative absorption. Learn how to heal others or enjoy a private healing session with il'il.

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