Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan

This technology is special. It is practical, precise, very efficient – and at the same time it goes so deep. In just a few minutes of practice you start experiencing a shift in your state of Being – in how you feel, in how your mind works, in how you see things. Each meditation involves a specific combination of different movements, sounds, breathing techniques, hand positions and eye focus. As you engage in it, your flow of energy and of Mind starts to change, profoundly – new and improved patterns are introduced in your system. This expansion of consciousness actually reflects a shift in the body’s chemistry – the hormonal and the nervous systems are stimulated directly, encouraged to reach an improved level of functioning. Through the practice, better health can be achieved and sustained, and at the same time, you get a new quality of experience in your daily life and a fresh perspective on everything. No words can describe this experience, you have to try it out for yourself! With this new Awareness that you develop, you can start observing and changing your patterns of thought, of behavior, of relating to others. It’s about you actively transforming yourself.

In a Kundalini Yoga class – you will get to experience the amazing effect of group-energy on the individual experience. On our way to universal consciousness – group consciousness is an important step.

In a private session, we will find those specific meditations which will serve best to support you on your path. The variety is great – there is something in Kundalini Yoga for everyone, and there is definitely something for you. Even a short daily routine goes a long way in supporting personal evolutionary processes, and can really facilitate a lasting change. Together we will create a personalized daily training that you can enjoy at home. Just start, and see what happens!

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